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About Bambinos Child Care Services


Once a child is admitted and one week before their first day of attendance at Bambinos, we must receive all forms, fees, and supplies listed below.

Completed Forms

A packet of the appropriate forms can be requested prior to enrollment.


The following supplies will be kept at Bambinos to have on-hand as needed and must be replenished and maintained throughout the child(ren)’s enrollment

    • A complete change of seasonally appropriate clothes (two sets for children not potty trained)
    • A supply of diapers and/or pull-ups
    • A favorite blanket or soft toy for quiet time


Your child’s adjustment is important to us at Bambinos. Some children have a hard time adjusting and/or may not be a good fit for Bambinos. Therefore, enrollment is based on a 30-day trial period. The first 30 days from the child’s enrollment date is a trial/adjustment period for the child, parents, and Bambinos. During this period, either the parents or provider may terminate care without notice.


By Parents

After the 30-day trial period has passed, a minimum two-week written notice is required to withdraw your child from care. If less than two weeks notice is given, payment in full for two weeks is still expected.

By Bambinos

In the event that Bambinos should ever find it necessary to end our agreement, we will provide a two-week written notice.

Bambinos reserves the right to terminate an agreement without two weeks notice, in the event of a situation such as (but not limited to) any of the following:

    • Destructive, uncontrollable, or violent behavior
    • Excessive late arrivals or pick-ups
    • Excessive absences without notice
    • Nonpayment or late payment of fees
    • Lack of parental cooperation
    • Failure to maintain required supplies for child(ren)
    • If Bambinos must to resort to legal action to collect fees, parent(s) will be responsible for legal fees incurred by Bambinos to do so.


Annual enrollment renewal requires an updated contract, updated health records, and a re-enrollment fee.


Enrollment contracts are renewed annually on your child’s anniversary month with Bambinos. Changes to your family should be reported on the appropriate childcare forms immediately.


A re-enrollment fee is due on your child’s anniversary month.

Health Records

Parents must provide an updated Health Evaluation form every year for children under the age of 7 and every three years for children ages 7 and older. The Certificate of Immunization must be updated according to the age requirements of your child as stipulated by the Maine Department of Human Services, Bureau of Health.

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